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The John Howard Show

Oct 31, 2018

Tune in for a conversation with founder of modern couples therapy, Ellyn Bader, PhD about the field of Couples Therapy and relationship as a path of growth.

“We see healthy, evolving couples relationships as having the potential to move through a series of developmental stages. And when couples are able to do that,...

Oct 24, 2018

Tune in to learn how disconnection can be an opportunity to create deeper intimacy with your partner when you engage in effective relationship repair.

“We need these misattunements, these moments of disconnection so that there’s an opportunity to deepen understanding and deepen love.” - John Howard

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Oct 17, 2018

Tune in for an interview with entrepreneurial power couple AJ Yager & Meaghan Connell about how they communicate and help each other grow as individuals.

“If there is a self, it’s a very changeable entity. And if we allow our relationships to expand us, we can go way beyond who we thought we were by letting our...

Oct 10, 2018

Tune in for a discussion with Acton Academy founder Jeff Sandefer about how you can help your kids become entrepreneurial creative thinkers.

“If you’re in the middle of a startup, you need permission from your significant other and your kids that you’re not going to be around as much. And then you need to go back...

Oct 3, 2018

Tune in to learn how to find a highly trained couples therapist with the right credentials who is an ideal fit for you and your partner.

“Sometimes when we’re having conflict with our partner, it’s not necessarily the bad kind. A couples therapist can help you understand the difference. Good conflict is a kind of...