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The John Howard Show

Feb 2, 2022

I am celebrating today and I hope you will celebrate with me. This is a special show to me because yesterday my first book launched. More Than Words: The Science of Deepening Love and Connection in Any Relationship was released just in time for these few weeks leading up to Valentine's Day and I'm excited to talk about the book today and to give you a preview of what you are going to learn.

I used my ten years of working with couples and the latest neuroscience and poured all of those secrets into the book. In this episode, I share highlights from the book and the keys to implementing these tips. I also talk about why we often feel disconnected in our relationships and how to be more present with a partner.

Help me with my mission to spread love all around the world and listen in to this episode as I share the experience of writing my first book and discuss the joys and the challenges of shared living, ways to connect more deeply with a partner, and how to know if it's time to end a relationship.

"Every single day is a learning experience in a relationship." - John Howard MA.

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